Monday, November 28, 2011


Only the one response so a clear merit pass for Vet, might have been a bit easy for him but no cigar.

Sir James Henare Commander of the 28th Battallion and outstanding Maori.
Facade of the Robert McDougal Gallery in Rolleston Avenue in CHCH
Premier House in Thorndon Wellington
Ratana Church Wanganui.
The Stone Store Keri keri.


PM of NZ said...

It appears my comments were moderated into the ether.

homepaddock said...

The computer ate my comment.

Leaving comments on blogspot blogs with a wordpress address isn't easy.

You have to keep ignoring the message saying your id can't be verified and click until the comment is published.

I must have given up a click or two too early.
My answers were:

1. um
2. Sculpture/art gallery.
3. Government House in Wellington (do I get a bonus for having been there?)
4. A ratana chruch but not sure exactly where.
5. the stone store at Kerikeri..

gravedodger said...

clearly someone doesn't like the concept but doesn't have the Balls to say so.
Yes it was disappointing this week, following a disrupted effort over recent weeks with connection problems but I will put it down to election fatigue.
Personally I have had enough support expressed via comments and personal contact to let it run for a while.

So whoever you are leave the negative button alone and just fuck off.

pdm said...

Keep it going GD - I enjoy the challenge. Had 10 of 12 grandchildren in and out of the house, plus their parents of course, so forgot to enter. Mind you the only one I knew was the Kerirkeri Stone house so my effort would have featured passes on all others.

Simon Arnold said...

I'm not quite sure what happened here (over active auto moderation?), but did post over the week end regarding the two the vet got wrong, but nowhere to be seen.

I'll see if this gets through.