Sunday, November 27, 2011

Opportunity Lost?

I know the the referendum votes cast on election day are not yet counted and the current count is of the early cast papers, some 200 000, and at 54% not to change is probably too high to move below 50% in the final count.

Was the RWC factor, the possibility of an MMP delivered majority party vote and the concerted spend by the Union movement to oppose change too distracting to allow the vote for change to succeed. Notwithstanding the run off may well have delivered MMP again.

Had the referendum vote been held mid term against a backdrop of what MMP was actually delivering rather than the image of what it was possibly delivering with the contemporaneous General Election possibly delivering a govern alone government, would a different outcome have resulted.

Now it would seem the electorate has handed the inmates the opportunity to make the rules for the asylum and thereby leaving the voters peering through the windows as portrayed in the closing chapter of George Orwell's "Animal Farm"

I concur with Cameron Slater's prediction that we are probably witnessing the last National led Government ever as the multitude of ego based single issue minor parties that are more correctly identified as pressure groups, available to be purchased by left of center major parties to fulfill their divine right to rule philosophy.

That a party can win 48% of the vote and be left in opposition to an "Uncle Tom Cobbleigh" coalition of every one but government with all the crazy outcomes that it will produce, confirms my suspicion that MMP as we have it is a NUTJOB system and that is without the travesty of a one man band party with 8 MPs being elected as the "party you can trust" almost gaining a King maker status.

It may still happen 'Napoleon'.


Psycho Milt said...

The reason for MMP gaining a majority is obvious to people who aren't partisans for the National Party.

You seem to be angry that, instead of giving the party you support a mandate it didn't earn and disenfranchising supporters of a party you don't like, our electoral system actually gave a party that got 48% of the vote 48% of the seats, and a party that got 6% of the vote 6% of the seats.

To you, it may seem a terrible injustice that parties have been allocated seats according to the proportion of the vote they received, but to non-partisans this is actually a positive feature of an electoral system and an outcome devoutly to be wished. Given that MMP is the system most likely to result in this outcome, it will be the most supported in the referendum. All quite simple, really.

Anonymous said...

That sounds wonderful PM, but what about the excesses that MMP creates? The excessive spending, the pet do nothing projects, the holding of the country to ransom amongst others?


gravedodger said...

Milt, please don't confuse concern with anger. I am reasonably sanguine as regards the long term future of my country.
Would be interested if anyone from the left can actually counter my point re purchased votes and our ability to meet the cost.
How stable do you consider the Uncle coalition would be and do you not see a danger of a Greece, Italy or any other basket case as a probability here.
Where in my post did you gain the impression of anger.
Extreme disappointment that the man who was so clearly proven to be extremely casual in his regard for the rule of law, any law, is now back in the legislature with a ragtag bunch including the ex mayor with a reasonably well documented predilection for alcohol impairment.

Psycho Milt said...

Calling it a NUTJOB system in caps gave me the impression you were angry with it.

As to countering your point re purchasing votes, I don't think a party relying on giving Peter Dunne a cabinet minister's salary to remain in power is really in a position to accuse anyone else of purchasing votes. And as to whether MMP is the source of such behaviour, I give you the king of FPP, Robert Muldoon, and his promise to pay everone over 60 a pension out of current taxation if they made him PM - which they duly did. The only way to stop politicians using our cash as career capital is to eradicate politicians, but that would leave us somewhat short of a govt.

gravedodger said...

Milt, you raise the benefit of Proportional representation then put the boot into The Nats for providing the ministerial position to the leader,albeit the only MP remaining in UF. I see a gulf of difference between having Dunne in Cabinet and WWF recycling of Taxation to well paid Families, Interest free student loans and the like that were very clumsy albeit successful in the electability of the Labour Government.
You can keep the ghastly remains of the man who almost destroyed this country economically where ever they are, not a supporter then and have no respect for his legacy.
Silver Spoon Falloon was my MP and immediate neighbour at the time of Quigley's "Colonels Coup" and although not a member of the Party was privy to the ignored direction to support Derek's Coup that evaporated when the Man eyeballed the cowards who abandoned the plan to proscribe his, Muldoons, dictatorial behavour. Johnboy was in no doubt of my views on that matter.

The Caps were a frustration reaction and should have used Quotes yes.

Anonymous said...

The interesting thing about the left is that they have dissolved into a range of fringe parties that, while they can combine to govern, would probably scrap over ideological trivia rather than really govern. It would be like the Christian govt in England so long ago - so highly minded they were no earthly use.