Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The only pre-election post I will do this year, and Barnsley Bills genius fix to the impending super bomb.

Last election period (which ran for nine years) I wrote around 1500 posts. Since the country came to its collective sense and kicked the bilious bitch out I have found that not much upsets me these days enough to help me overcome my CLS and force me to write ranty posts. But. In an attempt to make an effort, here goes;

Labour. Making shit up since Jonathon Hunt groomed all those uni mongs back in the 70's. Fast forward 40 years and we saw the end result of that practice come to a head when Darren Hughes narrowly dodged a stupefaction and sexual assault charge.
Since the Ginga Ninja fled to New York the wheels have really fallen off.

For the last two weeks we have seen Goff release a raft of eat the rich, hope and borrow policies while rewarding everybody (except the rich)* with free this and free that. The fact that Goff, Twyford and Cunliffe all said THIS YEAR that they would not support upping the age where one could start receiving the geriatric dole has passed the media by. AS USUAL.
The we have their shameless inheritance tax which like ALL of their policies are uncosted, unexplained and unfunded.
So here we are, three years down the track. A remarkably popular PM who had a look when he got in and realised that making the changes THAT HAVE TO BE MADE would deepen and lengthen the impact of the GFC and Cullens economic terrorism. So he did NOTHING.
And he will be returned with extra MP's by a grateful public.

*Can somebody please define what Rich is? Since returning to gainful employment in November 08 after effectively going on Strike in November 05 and now being a PAYE worker ant I am strugling to understand where the line between rich and not rich is. I know that I earn a few K per year too much to qualify me and my massive brood for the WFF bribe but I am sure not feeling rich this year.

And now the extraordinarily briliant solution to our impending crisis (according to everybody with a stake in it) around paying national super to the millions of wrinklies about to explode out of the work force.

Step 1. Progressively lower the qualifying age to 55 begining on January 1st 2012 and move it DOWN one month every 90 days until the new age for receiving national super acheives the target of 55.
Step 2. Leave the ratio where it is at XX% of the average/ median/ mean wage (not too sure where it is set at the moment, but this lack of research on my part does no damage to my argument because step three is the BIG ONE.)
Step 3. Means test the puss out of it at 100%.
The simple act of means testing will save us billions.
Nobody will starve and we can go on avoiding the sight of old people buying cat food to consume themselves.

My next post will be about the size increase that Jacinda Arderns arse has acheived since she became a list MP and why we need to make list mp's live in Wellington, on half pay and have no allowances (especially travel). They are simply lobby fodder and should be treated as such. Convert Avalon to a members barracks and make them catch a green bus to and from work each day. Anyway. I should stop now.


showmethetaxcut (aka smttc) said...

Good, thoughtful post RB. But why can't we just go back to the bad ol' days when you used to post YouTube clips of great music on a Friday night instead. I guess as you say we have all moved on.

James Stephenson said...

Come to think of it, why not get rid of the list MP's altogether and just give the appropriate number of votes to the party leaders?

kevin said...

Is the super-annuation in Aussie means tested?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Kevin at 8:17

Yes it is and it is abated by 25c for every dollar earned over and above $125 per week.

Very sensible.

My first payment was received this week.