Saturday, November 19, 2011

The media circus

If what we have seen over the last couple of weeks is the quality of electioneering in this country then we may as well roll over now and hand the keys to Helen's UN.

I put the blame squarely at the feet of the mainstream media.

Gone are the days of unbiased reporting and discussion of fact. They are more interested in creating news. We get dished up a continuous stream of tripe and hogwash. Their heads are so far up their arses that they are beyond recognising the fundamental dishonesty of their actions.

They create, spin and manipulate issues to reflect their own self interests.

They milk a cup of tea, they don't ask some low life cameraman why if he recorded a private conversation by accident, he simply didn't detete it. They ignore the well organised, criminal vandalism of 700 billboards, they talk up some failed hasbeen who still owes us $150k, they have more polls than a bull could shit to manipulate the vote, they ignore the not so little issue of privacy, they ignore the referendum on MMP, they report some oxygen thief benefit conartist like he is some kind of hero.......

Worst of all, they treat New Zealanders as idiots.
They expect us to not only buy their crap but swallow it as well.
They may wish to perform in a circus but don't assume we will be queuing up to buy tickets any time soon.


Shane Ponting said...

Well said! Where's another star on the rating when you need it....

Paulus said...

A very sad situation where the media has nothing better to do than make their news.

Following the stupid Herald we have today -

Voted (early, as we will be outside our constituancy next weekend).

Cancelled the Herald.

Vetoed TV3 and TVNZ Morning Report.

Good for a starter.

baxter said...

I agree absolutely disgraceful.

Tim said...

Exactly! The so called news shows - dumb and dumber are no longer invited into my home (been that way for months. Moaning report - haven't listened to that tripe for about 10years. As for that totally boring bint that drips thru the 9 to noon slot? I'd rather walk bare foot over broken polly promises! Jim Mora in the pm is good - though its becoming tiresome that 80% of the guests on the panel are your boring predictable run of the mill shrill lefties. he used to have a more balanced show but I guess the powers that be have smacked him into line?

WAKE UP said...

Lou, that is the best summing up of our appalling mdia that I have ever read. Well said.

WAKE UP said...

Indeed, last night alone, TV1 "News" led with TWO items that were actually created on its own programmes earlier in the day.

RULE 1: if it's an excerpt from one of your own programmes, it's NOT "news".