Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Maybe try this.

Apparently There is a hiccup in bringing a resolution of the "occupy" movement's utilisation of Auckland's Aotea Square.

As in Dunedin the Police see a comflict between the Bill Of Rights Act and local authority Bylaws where they, the Police decline to act following the council issuing a trespass notice.

Now the word was a month ago that the protesters would depart following the election but that does not seem to be happening.

Maybe the councils could try lobbying central government to force the occupiers to stay there indefinitly by way of emergency legislation then fence them in.
Might be the cheaper option.


Anonymous said...

If the Police think there is a conflict between the Bill of Rights and local body laws, the correct place to determine that is in the courts. It is not the POlice's job to second guess at this stage. They should just get on with the removal and allow the action to be properly tested. The Police do not set or create the laws in this country,

baxter said...

I think the re-action of the Police to take no action is related to the scathing though illogical attack on them arising out of the under-cover video issue. They simply are not prepared to make mass arrests only to see the charges dismissed after prolonged court action.

gravedodger said...

Just watched The bloody water woman defending the layabouts to Cameron Brewer.
What part of "MEMBRANE" to protect the underground Carpark and tent pegs, escapes them, particularly when we all know where they are urinating, sheesh.