Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Look Behind The Obvious

The media and blogosphere are waxing hysterical over the so-called 'teapot tapes.'

Nobody appears to have thought past the first twenty second sound bite.

Clearly, the tape was made intentionally and illegally. Thus, the publication of any of its contents will render the publisher subject to prosecution and possible jail time.

Now, join some dots.

Winston Peters claims to have been given a copy of the tape. As an aside, I wonder if the passing of the tape to him might in itself constitute 'publication?

My pick is that Peters won't be able to resist quoting publicly from the transcript.

The moment he does that he will be the subject of a prosecution and if convicted will forever be unable to be an MP.

Labour and the media have completely misunderestimated the steely resolve of Prime Minister John Key who has absolutely no time for one Winston Peters, liar and thief.

However, NZ First without Peters might well be a comfortable coalition partner in 2014.


Anonymous said...

Poor Adolf. This is all you can spin up after all that thinking?

Why do you think Key is so afraid of the tape coming out? Must be pretty bad. Imagine the shrieking from you guys if this was Labour and the Greens. My oh my you'd be squawking about how the media are self-censoring cowards and begging that fat hall monitor Slater to break the law again.

Nick said...

With Andrew Williams as Leader?

stephen said...

Someone needs to go and read some legislation before claiming something is "clearly illegal". Obviously missed the bit in the relevant act about there needing to be a "reasonable expectation" of privacy. Call me old fashioned but I'd leave it up to a judge to decide on something being illegal in such an unclear situation.

Might also pay to have a quick look at how "publication" is defined in the act. Will save a lot of wondering time once it's made obvious that telling one person something doesn't count as publication.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately any prosecutions would occur well after the election. Unfortunately the festering sore continues to exude pus, courtesy of the partisan media. Unfortunately National lack the intestinal fortitude to proceed with any prosecutions. Unfortunately the defacing of National party billboards continues to be ignored by the lamestream media. Need I contine ...

Anonymous said...

What is this, bewidered prat week or something?

I for one couldn't give a fig if Key and Banks were discussing their favourite lipstick colour; and I certainly wish the empty headed so called journalists had other jobs to go to. They really suck at this one.

The whole freakshow is by of and for dullards and morons. Which about sums up NZ politics and the bottom feeding media shower.


Anonymous said...

"I for one couldn't give a fig if Key and Banks were discussing their favourite lipstick colour"

That's because that noice Mr Key is jus' so rully rully noice. Yep, he thunks New Zullunders are ackshully untrusted in rul issues that he's not dealing with. And anyway if he organises a media stunt with a racist weirdo in order to try to manipulate the election result, why should ordinary people get to hear what was discussed? Move on people! John wants to!

WAKE UP said...

Winstin has NOT said he has the tape; typically michevious, he has intimated that he knows what's on it, which is a very different thng.

Still freaking out about Winston, eh? Too bad he creamed the lot of them in last night's debate :)

Paulus said...

Who cares what is on the tapes. It will not change my vote one iota.

Philly Goff must be pissd off at no reporting of Labour shinanigans, except Chucky Chovel policy of going light on crims.

Anonymous said...

Wow jail time for talking rorts
but time out for KILLING KIDS(no plod action)
opps theres a testy $55000000 plus his $******* new wage increase WALLY PM involved here POWER WITHOUT GLORY HERE hone key,
the tape will be on youtube soon i feel folks
shit allways comes to the surface

Anonymous said...

Guyton alert!

Roger said...

The shrill pinkos always underestimate Key. Everytime. It is not too big a leap to see that Key has baited the trap with the Police complaint (knowing full well TV3 and HoS did not publish because they could not support a public interest defence) and now Winston and his supplier Garner have tripped right on in. If anyone in possession of illegally obtained conversations publishes any portion of the conversation (and telling Winston is publishing) they (and Winston) may end up in the hoosgow. Key hasn't got his reputation as the Silent Assassin from a sweet wrapper.

Judge Holden said...

Roger wins reward! This blog attracts some nutters, but Roger takes the cake with that comment. The hero worship is kind of sweet (in a creepy man-crush kind of way) though.

Anonymous said...

"This blog attracts some nutters . . "

Yes, particularly you.

Judge Holden said...

ROFL great comeback.