Saturday, November 19, 2011


The latest Roy Morgan Poll released two hours ago and based on data collected as late as yesterday (Friday) sure makes fascinating reading.

It look as though the great unwashed have said 'up yours' to the MSM generated frenzy over an illegally taped conversation.

National 53% No Change
Labour 24.5% down 1.5%
Greens 13% up 1%
New Zealand First 3% down 1.5%
ACT 1.5% up 0.5%
Maori Party 3% up 1%
Mana Party 1% No Change
United Future did not register

No doubt someone will calculate how many seats Labour will shed under this scenario while 'Anon' (that one) will surely want to commit hara-kiri.


Nick said...

This is bad news for National.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again. It was undertaken almost entirely before Key's ballsup and hysterical reaction. Try harder.

The Veteran said...

Sorry Anon ... stop reading from your damage control sheet. Roy Morgan has it that the poll was taken over the 12 day period 7-18 Nov.

18 Nov = 36 hours ago = Friday.

Trying to pour cold water on the facts doesn't make them go away.

You can borrow my knife if you like.

Inventory2 said...

I almost hate to do this to you Anon, but the Herald on Sunday has hidden away their "Shit; we got it wrong" poll; but the VRWC will find these things wherever they are hidden! It says

"The Key Research poll, conducted for the Herald on Sunday, also showed the National Party had a commanding lead over other parties - enough to govern alone.

The poll was taken over four days and found National had 55.6 per cent support among those polled, more than double the 26.2 per cent polled by the Labour Party.

The Green Party was next on 11.3 per cent, followed by New Zealand First on 3.6 per cent.

The Act Party is wallowing on 0.5 per cent and its hopes hang on the Epsom seat deal, which was the subject of the "tea party" between Banks and Key."

Polling was conducted over four days this week; whilst the media was getting itself into a frenzy over the Storm in a Teacup.

Don't believe me? Here's the link:

JC said...

Notice the weasel words at the end..

"We assessed the tape as having a public interest and asked for the politicians' permission to print."

They received the tape, assessed it would be illegal to print it.. but didn't erase it and drip fed parts of it to other media.

They state they thought it was "having a public interest" as opposed to "in the public interest", ie, they knew it didn't meet the basic test in journalism.

Next question, did they pay for the tape after viewing it and not destroying it?

They had better lawyer up.


Lindsay Addie said...
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Lindsay Addie said...

The last part of that Herald article IV2 mentions is nothing but a cover their arse statement