Sunday, November 27, 2011

KNOW YOUR COUNTRY Sunday November 27th


PM of NZ said...

Ratana Church Ratana
Stone Store Kerikeri

PM of NZ said...

3. Bain house before it was torched?

The Veteran said...

Hmmmmm .... just returned from Coopers Beach where we had our election night Party. Mike Sabin's election night majority of 10,685 eclipsed John Carter's 2008 election night record majority of 10,058.

Stayed with the Granddaughter of 'Coats off With' Gordon Coates, 1920s Reform Party PM. Can I recommend to anyone the Doubtless Bay Lodge as real value for money. Their complimentary full english breakfast was brilliant.

To the matter at hand

1, Sir James Henare
2. Entrance to an Art Galley or a really ornate ladies loo somewhere.
3. Whangamomona Pub (from the bush)
4. Ratana Pa Church
5. KK Stone Store (opposite the Pear Tree Restaurant which I also recommend.

Dadster said...

You got me this week... don't look like South Island locations... Last one looks like stone house in Kerikeri... Last seen 20 years ago so I could be wrong.

Simon Arnold said...

For the couple the veteran didn't get: Robert McDougall Art Gallery in Chch Bot gardens, and the Murder House (aka Premier House) - reference to the days when we suffered at the hands of trainee dental nurses with treadle drills

Johnno said...

1) Sir James Henare
2)Old Art Gallery, Botanic Gardens, Christchurch
3) Premier House , Wellington
4) Temple, Ratana Pa
5) Kerikeri Stone Store

homepaddock said...

1. Um.
2. Art and/or sculpture gallery.
3. Government House in Wellington (do I get a bonus for having beent here?)
4. Ratana Church.
5. Stone Store in Kerikeri.

Marc said...

Hardest pictures yet GD. I am only sure of the 5. Kerikeri Stone Store, and for 3, put me down for Gov. Grey (? Gray) Mansion House on Kauwau Island.