Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Its time to stand up and be counted

I didn't need to go bush for two weeks to make my mind up but I have to say, after two weeks to all intents and purposes off line, with the second week in the clear air of the SI high country, my intentions to vote are,

Two ticks National and vote to replace MMP with STV.

My National candidate is Amy Adams and IMO has a good future in national politics.
Communicates well, listens and responds quickly and intelligently when questioned on issues.
My second tick goes to National although frustrated with their timidity on issues such as resource extraction, welfare reform and continuing with a doubtful asset in the form of Simon English with his baggage of double dipping and that 22% tag, I see them as the only option. ACT have lost my support with their appalling performance in leadership, policy tactics and serious lack of political nouse. If Banks is the best Lifeboat they could find then just as happens to a Racehorse with a broken leg get the 12 gauge and do the necessary.

I have consistently opposed MMP for one simple reason, the electorate cannot vote a person out of the legislature no matter how disgusted 90% of the voters may feel, if their party, for whatever reason places them in a high list place and then convinces 5% of the national vote to support them. If I needed any more evidence, the prospect of the odious leader of Winston First at 5% is it.
I will vote for STV where to get to Parliament a candidate must eventually garner the support of 1 vote over 50% of those with the best chance to evaluate the suitability of that person, ie their electorate.


Mort said...

i hope my great grandchildren can forgive you, even if you won't be able to understand the language, given it will be Mandarin

Bodger said...

This election is about selecting the least bad alternative.

Anonymous said...

"least bad...."
is that really an acceptable excuse to sell your future generations into indentured servitude?