Sunday, November 27, 2011

Here I am and starter for 10

The fine folk who post here have asked me to contribute to the blog, and I have taken up their offer. So here I am.

I said I would do it after the election, where my Act Party has all but been obliterated. More on that in due course.

But for the meantime, here's a teaser from the CONservative Party and the pakeha version of Bishop Brian Tamaki, Colin Craig.
The millionaire founder of the new Conservative Party Colin Craig says he plans to stay in politics until he has displaced the National Party as the country's major party of the right.
Maybe with his divine interventions he plans to live until he's 367. It'll take about that long I suspect.


Anonymous said...

Another progressive fool who thinks he's right wing.

*rolls eyes*

Go and join the Labour Party Gooner.

Keeping Stock said...

So; will Craig and Banks be meeting for a cuppa any time soon? He could be Act's slavation, if you'll pardon me going all pentecostal on you!

Redbaiter said...

It didn't take long in Canada.

Anonymous said...

I too am an ex-ACToid. Sad to see it go down, not in flames but with a gurgling noise. The rot commenced when Prebble left and Rodney started going to the gym.

But I'm free, white and 21 and I'll vote for whomever I want. I did not waste my vote on the Conservatives, I was not conned, I chose to vote for them. I regard the Nats as devoid of principle and philosophy. They make me puke.
I wish the Conservatives well for the future.


gravedodger said...

Welcome aboard NK I wish you as much enjoyment as I get.
Regards M.

Anonymous said...

Colin craig impressed for an inexperienced pollie, he will be a force by 2014 and keys needs to take notice.

stevemag said...

jonkey & co have been on the dark side since their first term . TRAITORS !