Thursday, November 24, 2011

He is thick!

A political animal of nearly 40 years involvement wants the grenade he tossed last night returned on tonights news with the Pin missing.
Last night on TV one's leaders show, Phil Goff asserted that the police have been directed by the Key Government to cease recruit training next year as a cost cutting action.
John Key replied it was an operational matter, leaving Goff possibly feeling his shot may have grazed the PM.
This morning Hon Judith Collins refuted his assertion while admitting that the January intake was canceled due to high retention rates. That left Goff safe in his foxhole, unwounded and with his dignity more or less intact and his assertion with a small shred of truth.
Police assn president and Commissioner Marshall backed Collins explanation but Goofy was still relatively unscathed and one would expect him to seek another target with all his years of service and the nine years at the feet of the master politician.

Hell no, the man who seems totally unable to admit error and move on even when close enough to the truth to be able to claim a partial hit, leaps out of his foxhole all guns blazing inviting even friendly fire from a startled Press corps.

In a perfect world he would get his wish but with a media obsessed apparently to try to even up what has been throughout a very one sided affair, I will not be holding my breath.

I just may watch though, curiosity you know.


Anonymous said...

If obfuscating, distorting and (possibly) knowingly lying is a way of retaining one's dignity then I guess you are right.

Psycho Milt said...

Haven't been following the story, but judging by your post the upshot seems to be that the only outstanding question is whether Goff was correct about them ceasing recruitment for the entire year, or only for one quarter. "Correct" being the operative word.

Anonymous said...

The radio interview did not go well and Goff effectively walked out on it. Plunket treated him as we should treat politicians all the time - make them answer the question. If you're going to drop a bomb on a key target it better not be a dud.