Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Great Green Greasy Limpopo

Poor Adolf nearly choked when he saw the news.

The seriously nasty David Cunliffe has chosen Nanaia Mahuta as his running mate or Number Two.

Miss Mahuta represents the denizens of the great grey greasy Waikato and is not known for her appeal to the broad community of New Zealanders. Possessing double degrees in one of the 'easy' subjects, she entered parliament at the age of twenty six. Her only asset appears to be the fact she is neither a lesbian nor a unionist.

This move by Cunliffe can only be an attempt by way of subliminal comparison to establish the notion that he himself has charisma.Link
See if you can spot the difference.


Anonymous said...

If she was a dangerous as a hippo he should leave her well alone.

It makes me wonder at the standard of Maori in Labour. Surely there must be someone with more to offer than this lady? If not, Labour aren't making progress - the answer is not in trying to pick up all the Maori vote (which they won't). Trying to cozy up on racial lines will alienate a lot of ordinary people who may be a bit tired of sepratism.

libertyscott said...

She is there for hereditary reasons, let's be fair. If it were not for who her dad was, she wouldn't be here.

I'd be more than happy with the Silent T - Princess combo. I'd have thought the idea would make the Nats pop open some champagne, and the Greens would be wondering if they might pick up 9% of the vote from Labour next time to be equal partners.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The hippo's the one not wearing ear rings.

Anonymous said...

Now that Silent T is about to be stuffed by Shearer it is all over for the brown hippo.