Friday, November 18, 2011


Still dodging but been a tad frustrated.

Been on safari for 11 days and thanks to Telecom today is the first chance to get the interwebby via my T Stick on the XT network.

Mcleans Island Rd,
Jones Rd Weedons,
Orari Domain just off SH1,
Lake Tekapo Had a link but couldnt maintain a connection,
Braemar Stn,
Lake Wardell
and finally Omarama Airfield a tenuous link. In other words it holds for about 10 minutes.

Bloody marvellous aye.


Shane Ponting said...

Does your t stick have an external antenna connection and have you made use of it?

You'd be amazed what a few extra db's of gain will do for you.....

gravedodger said...

Thanks for that Shane, no external port on it so may be forced to increase my contribution to Telecom's bottom line.
Sadly my fellow travellers on Vodaphone often had a link, bugger.


I'm with Vodafone and have found the mobile internet tends to work well in any built-up area wherever you are, North or South Island.
It's been frustratingly slow in Epsom/Remeura though, enough to make me consider switching to Vodafone.
The free wireless services in Auckland CBD is adequate but can be slow.


I mean switch to Telecom.

homepaddock said...

I'm with Telecom and get the odd dead spot but never as bad as this.

When I had problems last year I took the t-stick into telecoma nd they replaced the sim card at no charge.

Andy C said...

The T Sticks are ok in the burbs but not so flash out in the wop's. Get yourself a smartphone and a data plan and set the Smartphone as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. Then connect the laptop through that. I would wager you got XT phone reception better than your T-Stick.

MikeG said...

See what happens when you sell the country's infrastructure off to foreigners.