Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Even If I Do Say So Myself

The Cook is away for a couple of weeks, visiting offspring in Western Australia.

Today, Adolf spotted in Coles some turkey shanks on special - about five bucks a kilo. Two of these wonderful shanks cost about $3.50.

Well, I guess a shank is a shank so let's find a recipe for lamb shanks. Sure enough. So, in went the turkey shanks with white wine instead of red wine and 90 minutes cook time instead of 120 minutes.

To die for. Believe me.

And the other one will do for tomorrow night.

Who said you can't live like a King on the smell of an oily rag?


Anonymous said...

If they are fed on crap in factory farms they will be to die for. Not today maybe but its like Rachel Hunter's hair.

Lucia Maria said...

Sounds wonderful! You'll have to make that dish for the Cook when she comes home. :)

Mort said...

anon 9.53 been eating frozen 1980s British heifer I see

Anonymous said...

Not true anon 6.07 but eating beef in England in 70's and 80's (not much because it cost lots) means my blood donations had to cease.

Mort said...

Hah, thought as much

go read about incubation times for prion related disease

Paulus said...

I'm dead envious. I can smell them from here. enjoy