Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Today's Fairfax Media-Research International Poll with the Labour Party down 5.4% to 25.9% is proof positive that you and yours have completely lost the confidence of middle New Zealand (and the 'Left' side of the political divide as well).

It could be argued that the Greens have taken over the mantle of the official Opposition as your support continues to bleed away to them. At least their policies appear to have integrity taken from a Green perspective. Yours fall into the category of desperation politics and none more so than the plan you announced yesterday to give those out of work an 'in-work' tax credit of $60 per week (didn't you even consider how the oxymoron present there makes you look stupid).

And so the list goes on. Spending my tax money with gay abandon. I fully expect you to announce interest free student loans as a last roll of the dice.

But really what is needed is for Labour to be put down. You can argue the rights and wrongs of euthanasia but it would be the humane thing to do.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I said the same thing a couple of months ago. Even Chris Trottter said the same thing a couple of months ago.

I have just downloaded my voting papers and I'm doing my little bit in the putting down.

Anonymous said...

Remember the double dipper from dipton and his paltry 21% in 2002 ? A year is a long time in politics old man, a long time.

The Veteran said...

Anon ... it's 17 days, not one year, to the election or hadn't you realised?

Your comment explains in Spades what's wrong with Labour.

Anonymous said...

Putting them down would be humane but I'd let them wither away slowly - there is less chance of a resurrection if we ignore then forget them.

Maybe this really is a shift in a longer term bias toward what passes for the right in what still is, in reality, left leaning days.

I wish National were a good choice though rather than a different one.

pdm said...

anon 12.23pm. The way the Labour slippery slide is working anything over 15% might be a bonus for them.

kevin said...

Or, how about axing all the overdue student loans? That would create quite a few votes... lot's of vote bribe options for goff.

Anonymous said...

Vet, you geriatric old fool, put yer spectacles on! The double dipper from Dipton got 21% in 2002, three years later Brash very nearly won, so talk of Labour fading into minor party status is just silly, old man. The electorate will tire of the facile Mr Key eventually, especially since the Nat's can't help themselves and always resort to full fat-cat mode in their second term (presuming that they can find a coalition partner)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon 2.17

Presumably you are a juvenile young dickhead.

This time round the Greens are gobbling up Labour voters.

Labour is old, tired, broke, demoralised and unlikely to improve until it has a TOTAL make over and rebranding.

In fact, ACT has a much better chance of doing well in 2014.

The Veteran said...

Hullo Anon 2.17. I may be slightly old (most Vietnam Veterans are) but I don't wear spectacles and I am 'slightly' concerned about the way you address your elders including perhaps your father (assuming you actually have one).

But I do pay pay taxes to keep you in the lifestyle to which Labour zeros would like to become accustomed.

And therein in the problem. I have worked hard all, my life and continue to do so. You bastards want to rip it all off me to subsidise your 'hand out'
life style.

Nuff said.

dad4justice said...

National,like the mental greens and the Goffy Club are a bunch of gutless wimps.
They are not real kiwis they are plastic people who enjoy the ego trip.

This country is run by out of touch bullshitting freaks!