Thursday, November 24, 2011


Ok, so Phil Goff does it again. Shock, horror, National is going to freeze recruiting for the police - with the clear implication that this will lead to a reduction in police numbers. Problem for Goff is that neither the Government nor the Commissioner know anything about it.

Put aside the fact that National has made good on its promise to recruit an additional 600 new police and the effect of that is already being felt where they are needed most in the Labour heartland of South Auckland.

All organisations manage their staff against approved ceilings. Under Labour the numbers of police quitting the force was at 6.2%. Under National that number has halved allowing the first intake of new trainee recruits to be put back to March. Just where is the shock horror?

The Veteran has been told that later today Phil Goff will announce he has it on good authority that the Jews killed Jesus Christ and that as John Key has Jewish ancestry he should front up and take his share of responsibility for that killing.


gravedodger said...

LOL Vet your last Para.
Hope nobody tells The Goffice or they will run with it.

Anonymous said...

Well that went well for Goff. He is being hammered in pretty much every media outlet over this.

So much for keeping on message in the last couple of days.

And I bet he though he was being clever when he pulled it out.