Monday, November 28, 2011

Canada to withdraw from Kyoto Protocol

After round two of Climategate, the flies are slowly being swatted.

Money quote:
Delegates at the conference will also be hammering out the details of a plan to administer the Green Climate Fund, money that is to help poor countries deal with climate change.

The fund is expected to grow over the next eight years to eventually distribute about $100 billion a year.

However, it is still unclear where all of that money will come from and how it will be distributed.

In addition to the usual international development funds from the West, proposals include a carbon surcharge on international shipping and on air tickets, as well as a levy on international financial transactions.
Anyone with half a brain quarter one eighth of a brain could see where this was going years ago.

The whole thing has been shown to be a complete con right from the time Mann's Hickey Stock was discredited, through Climategate 1, Climategate 2 and now Canada saying it won't partake in the greatest socialist invention of modern times.

When our government reviews our ETS next year I can recommend the very place for the paper pile of legislation: right next to the guillotine, and then once cut into a million bits taken onto the front of parliament and burned.

I await Phil U to explain to me how a financial transactions tax helps the world to cool.


Grantavius Kennarius said...

Is Hickey Stock a pun that I have missed, or is it a misspelling of 'hockey stick'?

kingcool4eva said...

Suprise Suprise Aunty Helen is the man behind the financial transactions tax. Sooner the troughers in the UN are sent packing the better

Nick K said...

I mistyped it and thought it looked quite good when it appeared so left it. Maybe I've invented a new euphemism.