Sunday, November 6, 2011

BREAKING NEWS - Columnist Makes sense.

I know headlnes should accurately reflect the content but that didn't stop raging lefty John Pagani from using Lady gaga's "meat dress" to alert readers to his 'Blog' effort on "show me The Money Phil".

I have been just as manipulative but IMO not so BLATANT.

Mary Holm in her Herald Column adresses the oft questioned Tax on Buskers and it is worth a read.

Her writing brought a little anecdote to mind I will share it with you.

Most will Know I reside in Akaroa when not causing Traffic problems on the highway in my Movan and due in part to damage at Lyttleton we are enjoying or enduring depending on where you sit, around 80 cruise ship visits over the summer.

Here is the point of this missive, A couple of budding entrepreneurs aged 10 are taking a pet lamb down to a grassy area in the village center and inviting the "boat people" no not Julia's sort, to touch, pet or be photographed using the Ovine, for a "donation"
Their first foray netted $104 not a bad days work for them so the question is will it lead them to the heights reached by an ex currency trader presently in the news.

I don't know that but it is an impressive start and I know at that level it does not fall within the IRD's gambit yet.

Of course with Phil's problem alluded to in Pagani's effort that may well change.

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Anonymous said...

Is this what Kelvin Davis referred to as begging?