Monday, November 21, 2011

As Good As It Gets

Did anyone other than Adolf and The Vet watch the President's Cup golf, live from Royal Melbourne?

It was superb. Twenty four of the world's best golfers playing a variety of formats, team and individual, over four days.

The Yanks won and deservedly so. Fred Couples and Greg Norman were excellent team captains.

It was very funny listening to the two Aussie commentators Wayne Grady and Jack Newton. They could not help themselves. Kept referring to the international team as 'the Aussies - sorry the internationals.'

It was noticeable that the South Africans and South Koreans did most of the winning for the Internationals while the Aussies did most of the losing.

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The Veteran said...

You saw Melbourne weather at its best and worst.

I do think that Melbournians (is that the word) tend to over rate the sand belt courses on the Mornington Peninsula.

There are far better ones in country Victoria.