Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ah, good times

Not a bad result overall: National didn't get a majority, Labour didn't do a Nats-2002 crash and burn, the Greens cleared 10%, the 2.6% of votes that went to the conservatives were lost to the right entirely thanks to the 5% threshold, the voters saw through National's ACT takeover, and funniest of all, Winston is back in the house with another ragbag of leftovers and nutjobs - which is horrendously bad news if you happen to be the govt, but farking funny news if you happen to dislike the govt intensely and want to see them dipped in shit at every opportunity. Ah, good times.


Redbaiter said...

"the 2.6% of votes that went to the conservatives were lost to the right entirely"

Nope. They sent a message to that leftist racist separatist arsehole Key that sucking up to urban liberals and disillusioned Progressives is not necessarily the wisest option.

And he'll get the same message next election too, only more emphatic.

Simon said...

Yep Psycho whatever gets you through the night. Meanwhile myself and a lot of others will be looking forward to those SOE divs.

barry said...

enjoy Winston in parliament while you cam - because the German bond issue is the sign that some serious shit is going to hit the fan - and even this far away we are going get some of the smelly stuff thrown in our direction.

pdm said...

pm - Winston's nutjobs are hardly good news for Labour as he, along with the Greens dragged Labour down into the mid 20's.

The big qestion for Labour is will the Camp David which wins the Labour leadership, perhaps on Tuesday, have the gonads to shift all of the Clark deadwood off the front benches to the rear of the chamber or even out the back door..

Anonymous said...

NZF. The greatest Lazarus act ever. Good on Winston.