Thursday, October 27, 2011


Over the last few days there has been undisguised glee from Labour that Moody's was about to join the other two rating agencies and downgrade NZL's Credit Rating. One hears that Mr Cunliffe was wetting himself at the prospect and even placed bets this was going to happen.

Bugger. Now we learn that "Leading credit rating agency Moody's yesterday confirmed New Zealand's Triple-A credit rating with a stable outlook". Triple-A is their highest rating. Moody's said they were satisfied with the forecast projections contained in the PREFU released earlier in the week. "The future path of Government deficits and debt is not too far different from earlier projections. As a result this document does not change our thinking about New Zealand's rating" said Steven Hess, Moody's Vice-President and Senior Credit Officer.

'Poor' Labour .... Oh dear, how sad, move on.


barry said...

you keep spelling his name incorrectly.
Cun_liffe has a 'T' in it - Ive even shown you where it goes - after the 'n' and before the 'l'.

baxter said...

You won't see that in the MSM either.

Anonymous said...

That's 'coz it's made up. For it to make the press it has to have at least a semblance of fact. That's why people who go to blogs to get their news are pretty much retards.