Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snakes and ladders

With the happy distraction of the rugby now out of the way, I guess it's time to get excited about voting in the next installment of government.

To be honest I'm struggling to raise much level of enthusiasm.

On one hand we have Goff telling us that when you are in a hole you don't sell the ladder.
I guess he just ran out of time to mention that he has spent the best part of his life helping dig the bloody hole.

On the other hand we have Key telling us that we are all on the rise mysteriously to a brighter future- never quite figured what exactly a "brighter" future means.

The minor parties on both sides of the fence will continue to have limited following as what they offer is too scary for most.

So we will be in for another 3 years where even more mediocre MP's will promote even more mediocre policy.

We will be sold the fairy tale of a golden egg surplus if luck goes our way.

But I reckon the world is about out of luck.

At least we will be world champions.


macdoctor said...

It's worse than you think, Lou. Goff and Key are both in the hole. Goff is not only not telling you he dug the hole, he is also not telling you that the ladder he doesn't want to sell is not tall enough to climb out of the hole on.

Key, on the other hand ,seems to have decided to wait until the hole fills with water and then swim out. Of course most of us will drown in the process, but both he and Goff should be able to comfortably stand on our shoulders untill we stop moving...

Mort said...

Perhaps the Keyster will have us hedged towards the inevitable flick of the switch for the Euro's printing presses, and so their inflation will fill our hole and allow us to not drown in our own Social welfare created quagmire

Anonymous said...

Expecting man to rule man without making a hash of it is living in a dream world. We are inherently too greedy and immoral to do it despite best intentions.

Paulus said...

I understand there are "fights" already going on to secure Mt Roskill nomination, rather than this election.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Paulus, I don't know why they are fighting. After November there will be no such thing as as 'safe' Labour seat.