Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Poor Bastard

Somebody stole the president's teleprompter!!!!!!!!!

But this was the guy who was going to stop the sea rising and stop the world warming and feed the hungry and house the homeless and, and, and, and............

In between golfin' and holidayin' and bowin' and scrapin' and bribin' and lyin' you'd think he might have found time to learn a little bit about public speakin'?

Yeah, I know. Two Obama posts in a row but Hell, this guy is starting to make Phil Goff look competent.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear.

Whether he was up to no good or simply desperate to play BrickBreaker, a Mexican press attaché was caught on camera pocketing several White House BlackBerries during a recent meeting in New Orleans and has since been fired, FOX News has learned.,2933,352378,00.html

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Mort said...

what a retard