Saturday, October 29, 2011

The point

Adolf has just asked me the point of the two posts below.
There was no point really. I was just bored.

But to keep him happy, if there had to be a point this would be it.

We are going to get the government we deserve at the next election.

I predict that the Nats will end up on 50% and no viable partners under MMP.
Meanwhile Goff will be spraying cabinet seats and money around like a drunken idiot.
The first act of the coalition of losers would be to then knife him in the back. Len Brown has already proved that idiots can win easily.

All those "nek minit" voters will think they have voted themselves paradise continued after brief 3 year pause.
But as the wheels inevitably fall off our economy the truth will slowly dawn on them.

Labour and Unions are last century's solutions to a world now firmly ensconced in this century's problems.

Cheers Adolf.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Nothing annoys me more than these smarmy pain in the arse pricks who wander around being (sic) all over other people's carpets.

Of course they are soooooo superior with their political beliefs which were served up to them by left leaning junior lectures at Waikato University.

No wonder they can't find a leader or a policy or a plan enough money for a campaign launch.

Anonymous said...

You poor wee old ducks are so insecure. I guess it's an age thing. I notice you fixed the egregious typos and left in the errors of syntax, probably because you couldn't figure out what they were.

Lou Taylor said...

Actually the truth is that I really don't care what nameless people say. I've only ever posted under my name and am happy to be judged for my opinions. History will show that I said what I thought but sad sacks like you will count for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Lou, history wont give a fuck about what you said. Get over yourself.

Lou Taylor said...

You misunderstand the internet.We have never had digital history before so you are talking through a hole in your anonymous arse.I don't know what the future holds but I do know how anonymous people will be judged.The same as always.

Anonymous said...

Lou - no one in a 100 years time will ever know you existed.

Jump off the high horse and get some ground level perspective matey.

Lou Taylor said...

You are probably sadly correct Anon.
In 100 years the study of history will probably be banned by the socialists as they will want to deny that private enterprise ever existed.
I guess your great grand children will be happy though that anonymous ancestors stood by and did nothing.