Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Fascinating to see a few lost wandering souls from the political 'Right' are banging on about the newly formed Conservative Party as Gods gift to NZL.

No matter that they have yet to announce any candidates (other than a failed Auckland Mayoral candidate who tried to recruit Don Brash to lead his herd of wannabees). No matter that their Party website, pretty on colours and full of platitudes, is devoid of serious policy. No matter that their commitment to a balanced budget (whatever that means - all budgets are balanced) is hamstrung by their mantra of no asset sales. No matter that their hammering of the Government of the level of debt totally fails to take account of the two ChCh earthquakes. It's as if they didn't happen or perhaps their Jaffa leader didn't notice.

No matter that their social policies appear to be based on a 1950s view of the world which probably reflects their thinking. But NZL is not, like them, stuck in a 1950s time warp. Government (any Government) has to deal with the here and now rather than hankering back to times long gone.

Many of you will recall the line by Nigel Hawthorne playing Sir Humphrey Appleby, GCB, KBE, MVO, MA (Oxon) in 'Yes Minister' when discussing the White Paper and his comment that the name was much more important than the contents which no-one read anyway.

Seems like the so called Conservatives have gone for the name when, if you analyse their policies (or lack of), they come across as a clone of Winston First, albeit without the corruption.


Anonymous said...

"Government (any Government) has to deal with the here and now..."

I think that is a valid statement but govts don't really deal with things. Ideology and voter opinion (the latter somewhat less important) seem to dictate the way forward and "dealing with", being a watered down version of what would make a difference, doesn't make much difference at all.

pdm said...

We (in Hastings) had a flyer from `The Conservative Party in our letter box late last week. I returned the reply part asking them who was on their list other than Colin Craig. It will be interesting to see if I get a reply.

I did provide an email address.

Lucia Maria said...

There wouldn't be a need for them if National had been far more conservative and family oriented. Amongst my more religious Catholic (and non-blogging friends) there is a lot of interest in them.

Maybe a word in JK's ear about repealing that anti-smacking law might be the way to go, huh?

The Veteran said...
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The Veteran said...

Lucia Maria ... anyone who backs a political party solely on the basis of a single issue and its more fool them.

The reality is that that 20/80 rule applies in politics (particularly MMP politics). You hold your nose on the 20% as long as you get the 80%.

The Conservatives won't get 5% nor will they win an electorate seat unless the Nats decide to throw them Rodney and pigs fly too.

What I guess they may do is siphon votes from the more 'intelligent' (oxymoron I know) Winston First stable for which we should be thankful.

But the simple reality is those votes are going to end up as wasted votes.

Colin McIntyre said...

Out and about around the Gore area there seems to be a stiring interest in The Conservative Party.
In my own case I was involved with the National Party for over 45 years then voting ACT for the last two elections.
I would like to give Don Nicolson a run but he is the only one to interst me in ACT at present.

As both National and Labour are too socialistic,the Conservative Party proposals should appeal to thinking voters.
Oh and by the way if you are in the unwaged/hardship category you can be amember for $2.

Interesting times indeed!.

Anonymous said...

Government (any Government) has to deal with the here and now..."

Or you can be like National and not deal with anything.

James said...

What business of Government is the family...?

Maybe Lucia could enlighten us on that...and why the Catholic Church,defender of the family, stole and sold babies...?


The Veteran said...

Colin ... welcome to the 'wasted vote' family.

At least with Nicholson it might count.

But that's your choice.

Anonymous said...

Veteran, you appear to be missing the point entirly.

To many kiwis a vote is given along tribal lines - always voted Nat, Labour etc. A lot more don't consider the issues and tick the box of the one whose face appeals.

But there is a growing and growling section of NZ that has utterly had it up to the nostrils with political chameleons. The Nats appear to have the core principles of a street prostitute, ie none.

Key always wanted to be PM. Now that he's achieved his goal NZ would be a better place if he shoved off for another challenge. He would leave an indebted, racially riven country in his wake where they think the critical issue is gay marriage. In other words they can't even figure out what their arsehole is for.

I wish a conservative party with clear values nothing but the best.

You can hold your nose and vote for 'them' again.


The Veteran said...

George ... with respect, it's you that doesn't understand. The Conservative Party mouths platitudes rather than policies in the full and certain knowledge that, as they won't be part of Govt, they won't be held to account.

Clearly you haven't figured out that the bastard system called MMP stops you being pure. You can say what you like in your manifesto but the reality is that in all probability you will have to do deals and compromise ... the 20-80 rule I spoke about earlier.

NZL political history is littered with the corpses of third parties who crashed and burned because one of the major players decided against giving them a helping hand.

There will be no helping hand for the misnamed Conservative Party. Votes cast for them will disappear into the 'wasted votes' category.

See political science 101 (for beginners)

Anonymous said...

And well may this party crash and burn too. Any chink in the smug wall is a chink. What difference do you think any party that signs up to a confidence and supply deal is going to have? Nada zero nein nyet zip is the correct answer.

The enemy - if you choose to recognise one - is actually business as usual. The present crew is a muddle headed rabble, the former government was a rabble headed by dedicated progressive cadres.


Anonymous said...

Votes cast for them will disappear into the 'wasted votes' category.

Voting for National again is already in the "wasted vote" category.