Sunday, October 23, 2011



Marc said...

1. Rt. Hon. Jonathan Hunt (Minister of Wine & Cheese)
2. Remarkables, Central Otago
3. Chateau Tongariro
4. Trafalgur Square, Nelson
5. Paihia, Bay of Islands

Chris Bird said...

1.Jonathon Hunt, X Labiour Minister for taxi chits??
2. A line of power poles with some of our beautiful mountains behind
3. Chateau Tongariro
4. A clock tower in one of our beautiful cities
5. Somewhere round Banks Peninsular???

Chris Bird said...

No4. My wife tells me its Trafalgar Square in Nelson

Anonymous said...

5. Opua? Looks very Bay of Islandsish to me.

PM of NZ said...

My ex MP, locally known as Hunt the **** or, the Minister for Cheese and Wine in later years
Chateau Tongariro
Centre of Nelson
Lyttleton - Naval Point

Anonymous said...

some leech used to sucking on the state tit and more
the Chateaux at the bases of Whakapapa
Nelson Cathedral Steps
a nice marina, where you don;t want to be with 1

Anonymous said...

I agree Lyttleton, that looks like Quail Island

Anonymous said...

1. Jonathan Hunt
2. Hikurangi from Ruatoria
3. Chateau Tongariro
4. Nelson Cathedral from the top of Trafalgar Street.
5. Naval Point, Lyttelton


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I can't offer an opinion lest I be accused of insider trading but I can say nobody thus far is remotely close on No 2.

It has a distinctive shape and a distinctive history.

BTW what an excellent feature this 'Know Your Country' series is.

A great initiative GD!!!!

John said...

no. 2 looks like the Seaward Kaikoura Range at Clarence

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

John it also looks a lot like the mountains behind Nadi airport but unfortunately it is neither.

Anonymous said...

1. Jonathon Hunt former minister of wine,cheese and taxis.

2. Definitely not the Remarkables, the road goes parallel to them most of the way.

Maybe Mt Hutt?

3. Chateau Tongariro - have been there just once and it was summer time.

4. Hastings has a clock tower but it's not that. I think the others are right but honesty compels me to say I probably wouldn't have got it.

5. Lyttelton.

I second Adolf, this is a graet initiative, even though it shows I don't know my country as well as I should.

Anonymous said...

no2 my initial reaction was Ruapehu, but no snow

Anonymous said...

No 4 = Church/Cathedral Steps, Nelson.