Wednesday, October 26, 2011


State TV tonight reported on a youth gathering to plan the New Christchurch.

According to the report, near the top of their list, "Free WiFi" in the city center.

Why won't someone challenge their flawed thinking.

A Motel or other business may offer "free wifi" as an attraction or promotion but it would be most likely a city would be using someones involuntary funding to create it.

What they proposed will not be free it will be no cost to the user or 100% subsidized.

That is a very different thing. My net access costs me around $150 a month including tolls and landline but where I end up, all to often its non existent.

Of course absolutely not a problem for the nice retiring CEO of Telecom fishing in the "Greenstone", he had XT access, apparently by admission of a pleb at the "Help Desk".

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The Veteran said...

Why not go the whole hog and demand

'free' transport
'free' housing
'free' clothing
'free' food
'free' beer
'Free' everything

Free means some-one else pays.

Poor ratepayers

Socialist solution.