Saturday, October 29, 2011


I have previously blogged about how I hoped Labour's Kelvin Davis would come through the middle to defeat Hone Harawira. Nothing could please me more than to see the Mana Party consigned to the dustbin of history. Almost as good as the corrupt Winston First going tits up. And never let it be forgotten that Mana and Winston First are Labour allies.

Kelvin D is one of the few 'good guys' in Labour. And so it was that I was concerned to hear that he turned up late at a 'Meet the Candidates' meeting in Kaitaia and walked out when the questioning got a little heated. I will leave it over to the Northern Advocate and the Northern Age to report more fully on that chapter of events.

But perhaps I now understand more fully the background to Kelvin D's performance. Labour had just briefed him on their 'bold' decision to raise the age of entitlement for New Zealand Superannuation to age 67. Clearly the brains behind that move had failed to look at the statistics which have it that the average life expectancy for Maori males is 70.4 years. So poor old Kelvin was expected to go out and sell that to his constituency where the 'older' aged Maori are more likely to vote. Bit like asking turkeys to vote for an early Xmas.

Talk about kneecapping your future. Labour has handed Hone a lifeline whereas Kelvin looks like being out of Parliament altogether 0n their current polling.

Another cluster f**k by Labour.


kevin said...

But of course by the time the current 45 year olds are at the proposed retirement age of 67, maori life expectancy will be well beyond the current 70.5 average. It should be anyway. Just chuck the smokes and booze to make sure.

JC said...

Smokes and booze are certainly a part of it, but genetics and unsuitable Pakeha food are much more to blame. Maori have been told time and again to cut out the "boilups" and eat more fibre. So they do, they love that white bread and stuff that gives them diabetes and obesity.

Their traditional boilups were better for them than some of the fibre shit we pushed on them.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Erhem JC

Their traditional boilups consisted largely of long pig.

Paulus said...


Whatever you tell Maori regarding lifestyle they will take no notice.
But Labour will give them special rules for retirement. One Law for all - except............again.

Sandy said...

Poor old Kelvin believes "begging" is justified in NZ.

Psycho Milt said...

So poor old Kelvin was expected to go out and sell that to his constituency where the 'older' aged Maori are more likely to vote.

Older Maori would be completely unaffected by this policy, so why it would bother them isn't obvious.

That said, the 70-year Maori male life expectancy is pretty safe spin for National - most people don't understand how little relevance an average figure has to individual circumstances. Any of us could spend decades on superannuation or could be killed by a drunk driver tomorrow, so there's really no point in making assumptions about how many years you'll be drawing it for.

Mort said...

right you are PM, but try selling that to most NCEA 'graduates'

WAKE UP said...

"..unsuitable Pakeha food are much more to blame"

So what are they JC? A proud people capable of electing whoever they like, or a primitive bunch who need guidance on what to eat?
The correct sentence is: "..unsuitable food"

You guilt-trip yourself if you like, JC, but you're not going to shoot me in your patronising foot.