Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Last February marked the 60th anniversary of the 1951 waterfront strike that the commy leaders of the waterfront called a lockout.
Lasting 151 days the strike ended the ability of the communists who unreservedly supported the workers paradise in the USSR, to use their muscle on the wharves to attack our way of life. It was the defining battle and they lost. There were many more skirmishes, far too many for the growth of our Nation, but today with a largely aspirational workforce, well educated and informed, the tactics that allowed the mainly cloth capped northern english agitators to hold sway have been eroded and consigned to history.

In a last stand yesterday, the current Labour Party, who have no connection to the class warfare of the 19 and first half of the 20th centuries have regurgitated an out dated policy, allowing a "Back to the Future" blueprint for industrial relations. Labour 2011 is populated by ambitios academics and modern parasitic union hacks who would be laughed out of a meeting by Knox, Walsh, Anderson et al who bestrode the union movement at its zenith.

People such as Chris Trotter with his eloquence and James Anderton with his bullying, Minto, Bradford et al shouting through megaphones have been flogging the dead horse around the racetrack of life by appealing to the illinformed to rally one more time but progress ironically, has castrated the progressives and it is only the politics of envy that resonates.


Redbaiter said...

Yet you, each time you vote, vote for so many of the planks of the communist manifesto.

And you do it willingly.

They've beaten you, you unaware drongo.

Along with almost every other NZer.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it is arguably the ill-informed voters who determine the outcome of elections.

Anonymous said...

Redbaiter is correct.

Control freaks and the supposed invisible elites wear any colour they need to to get elected and manitain control. To compare left and right on the basis of "the old days" when the differences were more obvious (because they were actual rather than perceived) sees the big picture lost. Just how govts and those they serve like it.

Psycho Milt said...

I guess people who are apologists for a dictatorship in Fiji would get all enthusiastic about Sid Holland and his supporters trampling NZers' freedom and civil rights into the dirt. Not pretty, though.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, Fiji and NZ have at least one thing in common.

The only people who lose their civil rights and freedoms are those who abuse them.

Anonymous said...

"...civil rights and freedoms..."

The govt will shift the goal posts on these as it suits them. Look at the anti Christian shifts appearing in the liberal west - no Easter, Christmas and nativity scenes, can't meet in a home without permits. Its the tip of an ice berg.

Anonymous said...

Who put the padlocks on the red gates to Ports of Auckland? The bosses. Which is why '51 was a lockout, not a strike.

But then, from someone who thinks the neo-Nazi Sid Holland (who jailed anyone feeding a starving unionists child), I guess that's the spin on history we should expect.