Monday, October 31, 2011

Couple of things

that I noticed last week:

1. The day after DPF posts about Labour supposedly planning to reduce your wages (spin based on the surprising proposition that money saved is actually money lost), his party announces the re-introduction of youth rates, something that will actually reduce a lot of people's wages. How's that for timing?

2. iPredict reports:

Act is in trouble in Epsom. The party now has an 89% probability of a reduced majority in Epsom, and National's Paul Goldsmith is now expected to win the seat (48.3% probability, compared with 44.6% for Act's John Banks).

Oh dear. Even after putting up a candidate as unelectable as Paul Goldsmith, National may not get Banks elected. A loss for Banks will also lose anything up to 3% of the party vote for the right and leave National scratching for a coalition partner. Just goes to show, there's only so much cynical manipulation an electorate will put up with, I guess.


Redbaiter said...

Actually, I've noticed a strange difference in writing styles in occasional Keywiblog posts. I often wonder if the posts are always written by Mr. Farrar, even when they appear under his name.

Simon said...

Yep for entertainment value alone I am also hoping for a Labor/Green/ MP/Winston First/JAP/uncle tom cobley coalition government.