Monday, September 19, 2011

Your Taxpayer Dollars At Work

It appears a trio of juveniles masquerading as TV executives and 'stars' has been arrested for their part in an attempt to breach airport security at Auckland 's airport. So far, Biggles himself has not been apprehended. They are vulnerable to a maximum fine of $10,000 or one year in jail. ( A jail term might see a sudden improvement in the quality of NZ produced television.)

Since being released on bail, one of them has protested 'We didn't intend to breach security!'

Yeah right.

So they had a guy dressed as a pilot, carrying what appeared to be a pilot's bag but lacking critical security passes, attempt to talk his way past security. Do they seriously expect me to believe if he had succeeded in this breach it would NOT have been filmed and splattered all over TV 3's evening news as the 'Number One' story?

Naah, of course not.

Only when I read the TVNZ coverage of this story do I find these damned fools were funded by NZ On Air. That means you and (thankfully not much longer) me.

I thought NZ ON Air was supposed to fund quality programmes, those not deemed commercially viable. It's time to turn the spotlight on who gets what when the gummint spews out millions of dollars to jerks like this gang.


smttc said...

Adolf, your best post in a while.

dad4justice said...

NZ on Air is packed with parasitic queers. The sooner the struggling taxpayer doesn’t have to worry about such utter bullshit the better New Zealand will become. No wonder we borrow a billion a month. Let it stop. FFS, why should we fund wasted spaces fools who have nothing better to do.

Shane Ponting said...

It's global

James said...

Was he dressed as a pilot?...or claimed to be one...or was it assumed by others there that he was? A cap and a couple of epalettes doesn't a pilot make...If he actually claimed to be a pilot however that's another matter entirely.

Anonymous said...

My tax dollars also pay for you to sit around on the internet all day bitching "Adolf". Give me the comics any day.

Anonymous said...

I confess to being encouraged by the stunt in that at least it shows the system worked. I have a fear of being attacked on a Thursday by an ADHDDHADHHDDAH child with a nail file and impish grin. I can now rest comfortably knowing that idiots (which is what these guys are) will be caught before harm is done.

Anonymous said...



The morons involved ostensibly "make people laugh".

So no worries.

Only in NZ.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon 9.42

You are a fool. Not one penny of your tax dollar or that of anyone else is paid to me.

You subsidize a few pills for cholesterol and blood pressure but that's about it. For many years I paid more income tax than you likely receive for a whole year's bludging off your poor unsuspecting employer.

In short, why don't you fuck off?

Paulus said...

Jail them each for 6 months.

WAKE UP said...

It's just another example of the idiot generation who think that everything is just a movie/tv script.