Monday, September 5, 2011

Well Well Well ?

My ego also was found wanting.

I was 100% wrong on picking the winners of the ITM Premiership and Championships.

Two teams playing finals rugby won over two teams still influenced by what they did on the way through the round robin stages.

I sincerely hope the three wise men and the chosen 30 watched with open minds and learn the lessons.

Congratulations to Canterbury for delivering again and to Hawkes Bay who recreate the glory days of their proud heritage.

Two very intense finals by four teams who in the very compressed competition really only "survived" to the finals while Southland lost the status of Premiers, Bay of Plenty did everything but win any thing other than a high regard and Mana, and Taranaki came out with the Shield. Wellington and Auckland failed to make any impression and the also rans did far more than make up numbers.
What I saw of the whole competition leaves me feeling that NZ rugby is still the standard for the world and much of what the 14 teams produced was based on the old blood and guts provincial rugby scene, augmented by passion, loyalty and the remnant Amateur spirit you get in a country pub
any Saturday night sans cheer leaders, single brand "beer" in a plastic bottle and being harangued by the simples from some obscure radio station.

Rugby, no ice and a dash of water thanks.

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pdm said...

Well said GD. The Canterbury win over Waikato was good old fashioned winning Rugby with mistakes kept to a minimum. Has Romana Graham been cited for his head butt.

Although the score was close and I am a bit one eyed (well maybe more than a bit) Hawkes Bay looked 10 points better than Manawatu. They won the game by learning from what Taranaki did to them in the Shield game and by shutting down Cruden's space - something no other team managed.

One important factor in Hawkess Bay's performance through the competeition was they only had two lineouts called against them for crooked throws. that is with three Hookers through the competition so someone in the coaching structure must be doing something right.