Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Whale Oil has exposed a total fabrication by The Waikato Times.

How many remember when a major daily paper wrote stuff, well researched, presented without bias and could be largely relied upon to be a fair and accurate presentation of fact?
Well, Cam has completely outed the major daily of the Waikato as the fraud it and other MSM Dailies have become.

A "puff piece", something that has become a standard news of the day item of the genre, backgrounds a couple from 'struggle street' who are going to vote Green come November.
Nothing unremarkable in that, with the polls clearly indicating a departure of Labour voters for the Greens.

However. this is a total fabrication of intent and perception.

Mr 'Struggler' is none other than the Green Party Candidate,no less!!!!

Such upright, honest, sincere, and transparent people those greens eh!

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Inventory2 said...

It would seem as though the Waikato Times got duped as well Gravedodger; all power to the Whale though