Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thanks very much Air NZ.

About six weeks ago swmbo organised two return flights CHC - NPE to spend a few days with No2 Daughter and SIL as we sometimes do because we can, for the princely sum of $420.
Now swmbo has been having some health issues lately and travel therapy was in her mind as she booked and silly old me gave her my Mastercard to pay up. So what you say, well I always use the MC for Net trading as a security ploy as it has a 2K limit, but if I pay for Travel with My Visa with its rather higher potential exposure, I get automatic Travel Insurance, that was mistake no 1.

About two weeks ago a surgeon treating swmbo decided a minor procedure was necessary sooner rather than later and scheduled theatre time for last Tuesday and when swmbo explained the already set travel plans, Surgeon replied that "should not be a problem" so we went with it.

Every thing was cruzy until last Friday evening when pain relief became problematical and cancellation loomed as a possible.
Self rang Air NZ to assess options and "Ben" was most polite and helpful until the final result came back from whomever he consulted with a solution to postpone by one week for a small charge of another $625. This in spite of some inept decision making on my part complicated by an unforeseen event at time of booking, but on last Friday facing very challenging circumstances, all explained to "Ben", that was the best they could do for a couple of pensioners on a fixed income, I am just overcome with gratitude.

Now to many readers here, you will be saying, dopey old prick thems the rules, and I agree hence my heartfelt gratitude to the Airline for such a compassionate and understanding solution to a problem entirely of my own making.
For an outlay of $1050 dollars we could complete our travel we had purchased for $420.

Saturday Morning had the Pain and the Nausea in something resembling stability and we enjoyed a good break, swmbo was little less comfortable in The Bay than possibly at home, got wonderful care and therapy from The Heirs, got some chores done for them, had marvelous flights with very good service and it is very good feeling to be back in Paradise, oh and btw swmbo is much more comfortable this morning.

The planes we were on were at about 70/80 % full both ways so I am left wondering had we Canceled for one week would that have tipped the direct flight into cancellation territory, something that seems a little too common these days.


kevin said...

For others...
The Visa 'free' insurance needs to be activated by phoning Visa to advise, then be accepted by them as well. The extra credit card charge on international flights can be the same cost as a bona-fide travel insurance policy.

Anonymous said...

Stop bleating. Bloody pensioners - always whining about the cost of things and how their Hillman Hunter was a good car and so on. You had a contract and broke it. Tough.

I was late for my last ANZ flight to Chch (bloody taxis in car park queue) and they held the plane for me. I got my time wrong coming back from Chch as well recently and they re-booked me at no charge. They didn't have to do either. They have nice people at the coal face.