Thursday, September 29, 2011


These three will leave the Parliament at the end of this term and in the case of Heather and Sir Rodger, last night they left a mark in the sand that is going to last a while even if the socialists attempt a reversal that many hope will fail.

I was a member of a "professional body" that had a compulsory annual levy to fund compensation for misconduct by one of our members.
It used to really grate that I could not insure against any problem I might create or encounter but had to fund by compulsion that which the unscrupulous amongst us might perpetrate.
Compulsion will always lead to unfairness and will penalise the honest while supporting the crooks.

Compulsory membership levies on the young, studying at a tertiary institution are no different.

Last night after two years of rear-guard action by the socialists to protect their very own training and recruitment facility it went the way of the Berlin Wall.

An overweight loudmouth member of the opposition repeatedly droned interjections throughout Ms Roy's moving of the third reading of the bill that is now the law. Ending of compulsory student membership of a student union with its accompanying levy of some hundreds of dollars annually per student and for far too many delivered nothing of real benefit. The droning member whenever the camera panned past him was in an insolent sulky pose that reflected much of what ails his party at this time.
With a bit of nous and intelligence he and his colleagues might have made a difference to the final law but by wasting two years on a fillibuster that failed at the eleventh hour all chance of that evaporated.

Robertson and his maladjusted team of incompetents claimed figures of 98% support among students opposing the change. If that is true, most of us know it is not, what is the problem, surely better to have 98% of students clamoring to join voluntarily which they will do, wont they.

Thankyou Heather Roy, Sir Roger Douglas and the ACT Party, if that is your last remaining lagacy as you leave and the actions of the present mob in control seem hell bent that that is the case it was a worthy last stand.


Anonymous said...

You have such respect for these ass hats you can't even be bothered to spell "Sir Rodger's" name correctly. And if VSM is their legacy they've really wasted their lives.

gravedodger said...

anon @ 7 54 you can't even work out how to personalise your stupid inane comment.
You prefer to hide among all the other nameless cretins sharing that nonsensical nom de plume.
You, oh so very brave soul you.

pdm said...


Sir Roger has left a legacy that makes NZ a far better country to live in than it was before and after his time as Finance Minister in the 1980's. It is very pertinent that not even the ruinous Clark/Cullen regime would roll back the the legislation he put in place.

It is just a shame he was not allowed near the finance portfolio this current term - that is an indictment on John Key and we probably would not have had a credit downgrade today had he been there as an Associate Finance Minister.