Saturday, September 17, 2011


One of the few things that Nanny State hasn't tried to interfere with over here is the Englishman's right to own and enjoy his dog (in contrast to NZL). And interestingly enough you don't see too many half starved mutts running round wild as you do back home.

Last week I was at the Romsey Show where our d-i-l had a stand (Material Girls - Handmade Products for Babies, Children & Home - orders sent to NZL - see - end of commercial). 26,000 people and about 13,000 dogs of all shapes and sizes including a Great Dane who decided to lean against me and almost knocked me over in the process. All well behaved and all on leashes.

Spent some quality time with a VVet I was privileged to command. Rex made his millions (literally) designing and installing telecommunications in Africa in the 70s, 80s and early 90s. Now he lives the life of a country squire in a beautifully restored 16th century barn in the country outside Ledbury in Herefordshire surrounded by dogs and cats and wives. Poppy (dog no. ?) took us off for a drink at his/her/it's 'local' high in the Malvern Hills. Got out of the Range Rover and he/she/it beat us through the door and straight to the bar where he/she/it demanded and got from the barman a biscuit from her own special biscuit jar kept on the bar. Other customers stood aside. He/she/it then proceeded to go from table to table with her 'I'm a poor starving Labrador look' etched on face until, replete with food, made her way to our table and fell asleep under it awaking only when we left when he/she/it refused to go until the barman gave her another dog biscuit.

Someone is going to post that all that is totally over the top and a heath hazard to humans. To them I say 'nuts' ... long may it continue.


kevin said...

Yes. One thing we really enjoy in the UK, folk with their dogs in pubs and dogs travelling with their owners on trains...all very civilised.

gravedodger said...

Wheras we in good ole Nzed are so socially advanced.
All those signs barring dogs while nice humans can puke, poop, Piss, purloin, and leave the mess for others to clean up.

Never seen a sign NO CATS , and it is illegal to ban so many other things with the latest legislative attack on "Freedom Camping" that gives zero legislative recognition to the many thousands, no make that hundreds of thousands the responsible camping fraternity have invested to zero tolerate human waste while the filthy bastard tourists in mini vans and station wagons will continue to dump in the woods without sanction.

I have seen some horrendous injuries from broken bottles in sand or grass but never, never seen a contact with dogshit that cannot be sorted with soap and water.

Many people I encounter in my travels should be banned to a reservation but registered well cared for dogs with owners who clearly have a concern for their safety and well being, very rarely annoy wheras some kids???.

Anonymous said...

Bollocks. A dog needs to know its place in the pecking order. This may well be a cute story but a dog that thinks it can do what it likes when it likes eventually becomes a confused pain in the arse. A well controlled dog is a happy dog.

I liked England but found the streets paved with dog shit.