Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mad Bitch Attacks Mad Butcher

The story of eminently forgettable Labour list MP Darien Fenton (Is she a bloke?) slagging off lifetime Labour supporter Peter Leitch has been around for a few days and Adolf looked everywhere for the obvious headline but to no avail.

If it turns out that she happens to be an 'outed' lesbian then amendment is required.

'Mad Butch Bitch Attacks Mad Butcher.'

Whaleoil picked up her splenetic drivel from her Facebook page. (Can't put up a link because Whale's site is down for maintenance.) She wants people to boycott the Mad Butcher chain because Sir Peter Leitch had the temerity to say in public what everybody knows.

Namely, John Key is a good bloke.

Pity she didn't know he sold the shops some time ago.


gingercrush said...

Mad and stupid blogger attacks Mad Bitch who attacks Mad Butcher.

Honestly, you make some terrible posts Adolf.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

gingercruch, go bite your arse.

Anonymous said...

There are a few kiwis who nobody ought ever touch, and now this pig-ugly shit-for-brains loser has! She is not fit to lick dog-piss off the footpath outside any of his shops!


Inventory2 said...

You can have this link Adolf; quite a lively comments section!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The face only a mother could love. Ugly people those Labour shemales.

Anonymous said...

Sir Peter is actually a National/Keys supporter