Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lyen Brown Buys Votes

Auckland City's chief bungler has announced the Council will give RWC semi-final tickets to those who, because of his Council's shameful incompetence, missed out on the opening ceremony and part of the first match.

Adolf has just one question.

Who's paying?


Of course. Poor bastards


Anonymous said...

McCully should stump up from his personal slush fund, given that the buck for the fiasco stops with him, and he subsequently admitted he took his eye off the ball.

Mort said...

hi slush fund is paid for by yours truly, along with the other 8% net taxpayers in the country, so no way...
the tickets should come out the salaries of the useless bastards in the AKL transport board, it was those pillocks who couldn't organise a booze up at the docks with transport delivery falling ineptly short

Anonymous said...

Even disappointment can be socialised.