Saturday, September 17, 2011


There are the pics good luck


homepaddock said...

1. A married man (spot the ring).
2. Pania of the reef, Napier.
3. Well kept lawn.
4. Mt Aspiring.
5. Hawks Bay?

Anonymous said...

1.Allan Curnow
2.Pania of the Reef, Napier
3.Auckland grammar School
4.Mt Aspiring


Chris Bird said...

1 A worried man
2 Pania of the Reef Napier
3 A rugby park somewhere
4 Mt Aspiring
5 Feilding. I spent 35 years farming north of here. There was a huge controversy when the clock tower was built as a millennium project regarding cost but I now think it makes the town

smttc said...

A married man
Pania on the reef. Napier
Invercargill Rugby Park
Mt Aspiring

pdm said...

1. I know the face but just cannot pick the nose.
2. Pania of The Reef, Napier
3. Napier Boys High School.
4. Mt Aspiring
5. Pass - but I can tell HP that it is not in Hawkes Bay and Hawk Bay is the sea area.

Anonymous said...

1.Man wishing he was 50 years younger
2.Meteria Turei, Coromandel 1985
3.John Key's lawn, Hawaii
4.One Tree Hill, winter 2011
5.Birdsville Millenium Clock Tower


Anonymous said...

1 Bernard Ferguson?
2 Napier: I thought Pania had been pinched.
3 Rugby Park, Invercargill.
4 Mt Cook
5 Feilding Clock Tower.


Farmer Baby Boomer said...

1.Environment Southland CEO Ciaran Keogh
2.Pania of the Reef
3.View across Rugby Park Invercargill. Southland Girls High in background.
4.Mt Aspiring (the Matterhorn of the South)

Anonymous said...

1. Kerry Burke looking for a trough.....
2. Pania keeping it real in Napier
3. Auckland Grammar (otherwise known as Upper Mt Eden Prison...)
4. Aspiring
5. Fielding


Anonymous said...

1. Some old married dude
2. Pania O Te Reef
3. Rugby Park/Homestead Stadium, Invercargill
4. Mt Aspiring
5. Feilding