Sunday, September 25, 2011


Sorry I am a little late nothing to do with nanny state time had to work last night at the Tree Fellers Arms Bouncer/Security.


PM of NZ said...

1.ex NZ First MP, can't place the name - Edwin?. Useless if I remember rightly
2. Akaroa Hbr
3. Bridge to nowhere
4. Benmore Hydro
5. Castlepoint light

Chris Bird said...

1 Dont know
2 A beautiful part of New Zealand
3 The Bridge to Nowhere. A group of us canoed down the Whanganui river and walked into the bridge. It is amazing to see where shell shocked young soldiers after World War 1 were settled to farm. No wonder there weren't any left there after 20 or so years.
4 Benmore Dam. As a child, once a month my parents would take us to see the progress on the dam in the 1960s. Great excitement for boys of 8 and 10 years to see the large machinery used.
5 Castlepoint village and lighthouse.

Anonymous said...

1. Long forgotten politician.
2. Banks Peninsualr - probably Akaroa.
3. ummm.
4. Benmore Dam - my family made an annual pilgramage to see progress on its construction when I was a child.
5. Castelpoint - home to annual horse race on the beach and a restaurant where we had a Fawlty Towers experience (it now has different owners).

The Veteran said...

1. Edwin Perry

jonnycomelately said...

1.Edwin Perry
2.Akaroa Harbour
3.Bridge to nowhere Wanganui
5.Castle Point

Anonymous said...

1. bond........Rangi bond
2. Akaroa jetty with that bloody overpriced ice cream shop
3. ?
4. Benmore earth dam (with or without the rock at the bottom of the spillway?).....see it before the Alpine Fault wipes it out.
5. ?