Monday, September 19, 2011


HP; 2, with a bonus for the Wedding Ring.
Gerry; also 2.
Chris Bird; 3, bonus he was worried.
smttc; 3, also picked up on the ring.
pdm; 2, good logic.
Rusty; a merit for humour.
cadwallader; 3, Pania was found in a paddock, not Ele's, I guess the bronze value was a bit disappointing for the perps.
F B B; solid 3, I thought it was the now closed infamous Invercargil Borstal in the back.
ChrisP; 4, and the echoc fish for solving the outstanding Q1 but no cigar.
Anon no ID; a merit 4
1 Sir Kerry Burke, around the time he was fending off Alec Neil's ultimately successful challenge for the Chair at Ecan just prior to the appointment of the Commissioners Under Dame Margaret.
2 Pania of the reef now restored to the Waterfront at Napier.
3 Indeed Southland Rugby HQ of course named Rugby Park again for the duration of RWC.
4 Mt Aspiring in the National Park of the same name.
5 Fielding 'CBD' with the Millennium Tower.

Well done Team.


pdm said...

GD - my recollection is that Pania was found in a shed at the back of a Napier residential property when Police did a raid for other purposes, probably drugs but possibly other stolen property.

Anonymous said...

Isn't "Birdsville" Chris Birds' family nickname for Feilding?


Chris Bird said...

GD, Feilding is spelt with an EI not an IE. This from the fact that it was named after a Colonel Feilding nothing to do with a field.

Rusty, I didn't live in the area long enough for that. I wasn't born there!!!

gravedodger said...

@CB, Ta for that clearly a bit slow, 20 years buying and sellimg in the Feilding Sale Yards and it never registered.
However much red ink for incorrect i before e at school then college was dominant factor.
Apologies to the Colonel and his family.