Saturday, September 17, 2011

Joined At The Hip?

A couple of years ago Adolf noticed a startling resemblance between Dr Michael Cullen and Heinrich Himmler.

Today, Paul Holmes summed up pretty well the disaster brought about last week-end by Auckland Mayor Len Brown and his inept gang of muddlers. It was the picture of Lyen Brown which caught my eye. Where have I seen that face before?

Have Aucklanders ever wondered what their Mayor might look like in uniform?

Spandau Prison would be too good for him.


Anonymous said...

You mean separated at birth, not joined at the hip, Einstein. No resemblance anyway. Stop embarrassing yourself.

Anonymous said...

Pure coincidence.

Hess had an acute political brain and skills to fly and navigate a twin engined fighter at night.

Whilst Brown knows how to ..... [Damn! I can't finish this sentence.]