Thursday, September 22, 2011

How Much do we Pay These Pricks?

The Electoral Commission, yes the same bunch of what some bloggers would call "Panty Waists", having failed repeatedly to make any form of sanction against socialists clear transgressions of our current idiotic and insane electoral law have warned Rugby League Icon, Mathew Ridge that he is required to have authorisation statements on billboards advertising his Car Valet service.

Now I am no great fan of some of Mr Ridge's antics but this is legislative madness. As far as I know Mr Ridge has no political affiliations publicly stated.

If a group of right of center Teachers and there are a good number of them who choose to just get on with doing a very good job with our future citizens, broke ranks publicly with a billboard campaign stating "LETS GET BEHIND NATIONAL STANDARDS" those inmates who think they are in charge of the asylum would come out with a threat of a $10 000 fine, well yes I suppose they would wouldn't they.

Now the Ridge Billboard is predominantly Black, absolutely zero political insignia, and absolutely no connection to politics apart from the reference to giving his job a tick and avoiding labour which anyone with even a tiny ability for comprehending our language would have understood the work aspect rather than the socialist connotation. That said nearly everyone is distancing themselves from Labour at least in public anyway.

Compare that with almost identical to the original "STOP" signs being displayed with a labour party logo alongside roadways that went on and on and on seemingly without any problem with the monkeys in the zoo that so closely resembles what some see as a bureaucratic waste of oxygen.

FFS messers and messdame electoral commission drones, do the job you are paid to do, target the political animals who are continually testing the law and leave an innovative, smart, topical and non political campaign such as this alone.

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pdm said...

Heres another one for you GD.

A Labour Department snoop has pulled up the son of friends of ours in the last couple of days and issued him with an infringement notice for riding a quad bike without a helmet. They farm on the Ruataniwha Plains (at Ruataniwha) near Onga Onga and their 2,000 plus acre farm is dead flat - I know I have been over all of it. What is more he was droving a mob of bulls at the stately rate of about 4/5kph at the time.

Apparently the Labour Department snoop told him his bike could overturn.

Now I know there was a guy crushed by a quad bike in the last day or so but not on the Ruataniwha Plains ever.