Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Homepaddock posts that Speaker Dr Lockwood Smith has referred the Erin Leigh matter to the Privileges Committee in the light of the ruling of The Supreme Court on the information given to The Hon Trevor Mallard by public servants and used by the Honorable (advisedly) Member to destroy Ms Leigh's career.

Get the Popcorn ready people "Survivor New Zealand Parliament" is to be screened at a time to be advised.


Mort said...

are you implying he's a bleeding twat?

Sthn.Jeff said...

Has the Priviledges committee ever done anything to seriously censure a Politician?

E Leigh said...

I wish - it would be great if Mallard was finally held accountable for his actions. But unfortunately he won't be. David Parker is on the Privileges Committee so obviously he's not going to ask for Trevor Mallard's actions to be looked at - nor will his friend Charles Chauvel who is the Chairperson of the Privileges Committee. In fact both of them are unlikely to even declare a 'conflict of interest' so the Privileges Committee will be one-eyed from the very start. Therefore the Privileges Committee will just be looking at it from the perspective of how MP's are going to cope - now that senior members of Government Departments will be reluctant to lie for them (as they can no longer hide behind Parliamentry Privilege). The Speaker of the House (who I actually highly rate as a Speaker) and the Attorney General joined the Ministry for the Environment and Lindsay Gow in trying to stop me from winning my case and spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayers dollars doing it. They refused to consider settling out of court and apologising to me for what happened. Now they are scrambling around feeling sorry for themselves because I won my case and now Govt Departments will actually have to tell the truth when briefing a Minister; and that's a major inconvience for MP's. But, they bought it upon themselves. The matter never had to go all the way to the Supreme Court in the first place. A full retraction and sincere apology immediately after I was wrongly defamed in the House would have settled this case four years ago. The term 'making a rod for your own back' comes to mind. Still waiting for that apology........

gravedodger said...

Sadly Erin you have probably accurately predicted the outcome, G Edgler said similar elsewhere.
The pollys have an appalling record of sanctioning their own.
The Pin Stripe Dwarf an exception.
We can but hope, Karma can be a bitch sometimes.
Cheers Murray.