Tuesday, September 27, 2011

E Day, or was that A or I but finally THEY Turned up!!!

This morning at 0813 hrs EQC made it to Alzhiemers Valley and inspected/assessed the Chateau for the damage incurred exactly one year three weeks and two days five hours and forty eight minutes minutes ago on September the 4th 2010.

Two very nice gentlemen spent just over two hours using gizmos and notepads to assess and record a schedule of the damage sustained and within another three weeks we hopefully will receive a written report of that record.

Contrary to what EQC told us within days of the event all that time ago, they will not reinstate our quite badly damaged deck, patio and paved paths adjacent to our Whare, we thought there was a commitment to cover those within 8 meters of the dwelling so I had to call my Broker with that little revelation and his comment was "he hoped it would not be another year".

Now within three weeks of the first quake we had our humble abode assessed by a consulting engineer for the state of the dwelling, it took him about two hours a couple of scotches by which time he had prepared a report and emailed it to our computer before he left. We await with interest what the differences, if any there are between the two reports.

I have blogged previously regarding the ability of EQC to respond to such incidents as the Canterbury Earthquakes and very little so far has altered my perceptions as to the comments already made, however we may have made progress today, now we wait for Lumley to assess the damage EQC have declined to cover, and that will be another excess on top of the $200 contents, $200 property already incurred.


Anonymous said...

If EQC won't pay for a structure because its outside their coverage your insurer will. Relax.

gravedodger said...

I am relaxed anon, my beef is how many more jugs will it take in excess demands for the one event, 40 so far and counting.