Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Convict Class

Yesterday morning the local Baker's Delight joint was held up by a couple of young intellectuals at 0545. They were wielding a knife and a hammer respectively. The bakery is located within the Coles supermarket complex at the 2.0 km mark on Adolf's morning walk and he passed by at 0615, blissfully unaware of the earlier goings on.

You have to marvel at the younger criminal mind.

The only dough these two young hoods would have found would have been that containing yeast. The shop was not yet open for business and the boss had not yet arrived with the daily float.

However they did have the good sense to use a reliable getaway vehicle. Last seen in a green Holden Commodore with a spoiler and large mag wheels.


gravedodger said...

Probably another TV3 effort,
hang on you said Coles and Baker Delight, wrong side of the lake , my apologies.
Easy mistake to make in a rush.

baxter said...

Well if they were caught on CCTV it would probably be the Police that were convicted in NZ

Anonymous said...

The trouble is they are not the convict class. Were they so they would be locked up rather than seriously frowned upon.