Friday, September 16, 2011


Roy of the rovers c1950.

Hamstrung of the Herald c2011.

My early literature exposure included an A4 size, 12 page weekly British comic with about 6 or 7 "heroes" for a jack the lad where the good guys overcame evil.

The only redeeming feature probably was it encouraged reading by boys, something that is still a problem today. The comic had no "pitchers" apart from an illustrated comic in the center 4 pages themed on the French Foreign Legion in a fort in the Sahara. It was predominantly the written word.

Armstrong is doing it as we communicate today, describing a desperate attempt by Phil Goff to make mileage out of the fiasco last weekend as Auckland failed miserably to accommodate the unfolding drama of the Rugby world Cup six week festival and pin it on the "good guys", John Key and his Government. Just have a glance at the polls, muppet

Now it was clear even to a simple country lad of the 40s/50s that the outcomes for 'Rockfist Rogan', 'Jet Jackson', 'Colwyn Dane' and a Mountie whose name escapes me were always winners, and Hamstrung of the Herald continues the fiction in 2011 as he trumpets Phil Goff "shredding the National led Government" over the shambles that was Auckland City Saturday September 10th.

Hey Mr Armstrong, Len Brown with the assistance of a coterie of sycophants and jobs for old mates were supposed to look out for the possible results that RWC could throw up. So, your old mate Philly is throwing snowballs in 40+ temperatures trying to score political hits on the government.

Phill made his Custer stand in a Parliament that was of interest to possibly 10 000 citizens, tops, the other 4 000 000 have turned it off at the wall. Of course State TV tried to give it oxygen.

It may have been his "best speach for some time" but no one was listening apart from the two or so dozen Labour members who enthusiastically clapped their hands, the Speaker (who was paid to listen) and a handful of others who hadn't stirred themselves to go back to their office for a kip.

Fiction can be literature but that, Mr Armstrong, was not even Fish and Chip wrapper.


Anonymous said...

So nothing on McCully ensuring the smooth running of the RWC by seizing the wharf a week after not doing his job properly? No? Too tricky to defend?

Anonymous said...

Think you've got an Argy Virus on your blog Gravedodger.