Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I am led to believe it originated in Catherine's Russia and designated the outer areas where Jews, Gypsys and other lesser people lived and went about their business. The 'pale' was a pointed piece of wood that marked that line.

Now I normally regard those who obtain public office where they can wield power over the peasants as fair game and do not deserve protection from us as they go their self promoting ways, likewise their families if they coat-tail to positions in the wake.

Family who are just adjuncts and apart from fulfilling duties as required officially are not targets, ie Bronagh Key and Mary Goff. Likewise Public Servants, Business Leaders, Volunteers and the police doing what they are expected to do and good bastards such as Sir Peter Leitch aka 'The Mad Butcher', definitely NOT

The way far too many of the hounds at 'The Standard' responded to Sir Peter Leitch's comments on Close Up with Sainsbury when he became a little enthusiastic, is The Mad Butcher ever anything else, and gave a clear boost to the Prime minister as his preferred choice in the November elections was OTT. He had already done similar on Hosking at Newstalk ZB earlier that day,"to be fair".

Now we have had very little "celebrity endorsement" in this country and Pinetree selling Tanalised posts and Dan The Man's 'gruds' are just a little cringeworthy, "b" grade thespians going gaga over climate change, green initiatives etc are a sad step into the darkside.
Who remembers "Citizens for Rowling" a leftwing inspired campaign in the election after the untimely death of Big Norm when the very abrasive Muldoon who had been picked by National to deal to Kirk, came up against the able but far lower, profile-wise Rowling. I remember still that comment flung across the Chamber "there he sits with a shiver looking for a spine to run up",that was brutal. The Campaign for Rowling did little if anything to save the timid one from being mauled by the bear. For me it only served to confirm the already suspected leftwing creds of the names who signed up.

So why did the socialists allow Sir "Butch's" comment to get to where it did, was it born out of their collective dismay and frustration at the way the political landscape is unfolding. Whatever, it has been a classic clusterfuck that they just didn't need in present circumstances.

For me it plummeted to an unthinkable low when a cretin, going by the name of Campbell Larsen, crawled out from under his little rock and said in a comment at The Standards Open Mike Post;
"I wish the Mad Butcher would hurry up and die". He then berated state TV for allowing the endorsement to get to air.

Two or three things seriously worrying with that.
Sir Peter Leitch is an Icon, absolutely, A selfmade man who left school for the meat trade at 15 with little success as a student, he had undiagnosed (unknown then, c1950s) dyslexia. Created a large franchised butchery chain worth a mint and proceeded to use that wealth to support many charitable activities. He was there when the Warriors were formed and has stayed loyal ever since. The club "retired the jersey number 19 in his honor and name.
Sir Butch has been battling a nasty form of Bladder Cancer for some time but has not really faltered in his charge through life.
Sir Peter has been a tower of strength and support to many in Christchurch, visiting with sausage sizzles, he does the cooking as well, just showing up in support and flying many plane loads of those in the worst affected ares of the city to Warrior games in the Queen City.
He was a great supporter of Helen Clark and her tribe but now he gives a couple of endorsements to John Key and the "teleban want to stone him".

Darien Fenton called for a boycott of the Mad Butcher Chain, blissfully unaware Sir Peter no longer owns it.
Others went on about him avoiding their CGT with all the dosh in a Trust as if it was going to happen.
Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, politics Mupetts, Darien Fenton, Mallard, Prentice et al just monumentally DUMB.

lprent aka Lynn Prentice at the Standard moderates and Bans at a whim but that disgusting comment is still there at Open Mike Sept 19th and the little Bint had the further stupid idea he could defend "septic tank microbe" Campbell Larsen, by saying "he was just getting a little wound up"

Epic fail Labour and acolytes.


Anonymous said...

Great Post.

Behaviour of Labour and its supporters is again sickening.

We will be well rid of them and their poisoned, sick, deluded thinking and policies.


SHG said...

The Pale was the mediaeval DMZ of English territory in Ireland. While inside the region you were subject to the laws of the Crown, while the area outside was controlled by the lawless barbarian Irish. Thus anything uncivilized was behaviour that belonged "beyond the Pale".

Linguistically the term is derived from the Latin for "stake", so you're not totally off-target :)

The Veteran said...

I too think this is a great post.

The reality is that Sir Peter has done infinitely more for NZL (and out of his own pocket) than this third rate Labour nobody (with apologies to all third raters) who probably confuses 'class' with 'arse(hole)'.

Mr Larsen is not a Labour Parliamentary Staffer perchance?

As for Fenton, see above.

Anonymous said...

Hysterical over-reaction from you guys as usual (at least if you can be bothered to wade through the turgid prose that's the impression this leaves).

Leitch can't be off limits as he went all over the media spouting silly partisan nonsense.

You lamo hypocrites take every possible opportunity to stick the boot into Peter Davies. Never seen you condemn that gravedodger.

The Veteran said...

Gueez Anon 7.22 .... suggest you take a deep breath and smell the roses old son.

I have never made any comment about Peter Davis but if you want to portray criticism of someone, whose wish in life was to see a NZL icon dead just because he has apparently turned his back on your Party, as "hysterical over-reaction" then I guess that reflects your values.

Clearly they are not mine nor I suggest those of most thinking New Zealanders.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who endorses politicians that manipulate, lie, cheat and steal (all of them?) deserves all they get.

Peter may be a good bloke but he should either pick his mates more carefully or live with the backlash.

Psycho Milt said...

Gravedodger, are you seriously complaining that commenters on a blog wrote offensive comments and the blog owner didn't delete them? Ever visited Kiwiblog? Whaleoil? Crusader Rabbit? I haven't run out of examples, but you get the point.

Inventory2 said...

@ Milt; I suggest you read the exchange here:

Lynn Prentice not only defends the comment saying "It isn't the opinions that count for moderation, it is the behaviour". On subsequent comments he goes considerably further. It is not his finest hour.

The comment on The Standard was grossly offensive. For Prentice to allow it but then concede that "Incidentally, I think that it has been months since I last banned someone for trolling or simple bad behavior. Most of the time these days it is for making stupid comments requiring site defense..." tells you where his priorities lie.

Anonymous said...

Pale is definitely an Irish thing

kiwiscouse said...

The Pale was an area around Dublin. Those Anglo-Irish who lived inside were socially acceptable. Those outside were "beyond the Pale" and ostrasised.

Psycho Milt said...

IV2: went and had a look. Fairly tame stuff by Kiwiblog/Crusader Rabbit standards - still don't see what there is to get all huffy about.

gravedodger said...

@ Milt a couple of points.
We both know that we post and then go about our lives so an offensive remark can survive and on occasions long term.
Lynn Prentice was involved very early on with that exchange when Big Bruv suggested Cretin-Campbell's comment exceeded common decency and lprent made his assessment to justify it within minutes.
I am not above employing pretty extravagant language at times but wishing a man such as Sir Peter , already fighting a very serious illness "to hurry up and die", is, I fervently hope, beyond my limits.
Thanks for the reply though, I find it just a bit disappointing when negativity is implied via the ratings but no challenge in the comments.
I agonised over posting on this but was tipped over by a comment on another blog re the death of L/Cpl Smith that offended me hence I went ahead.

The Veteran said...

Anon 8.27 ... OK, I've got it now.

Just a variation of the old National bad, Labour good theme.

Perhaps that's why I didn't see you go all feral when League great Stacy Jones endorsed Labour last time round (before he started fronting for a finance company targeting the League demographic and charging interest rates the Raymond, the Rent Racketeer, would be proud of)

kevin said...

The Mad Butcher is worth more than all of those creeps put together.