Saturday, September 24, 2011


Well Sheeple from tomorrow you will all get up one hour earlier.

Why, because we, your benevolent rulers say so, you are too stupid to make such a decision yourself.

Even you dolts who are already up before dawn will rise one hour earlier so you wont cause any logistical problems.

As for the idle buggers who normally stay in bed till lunch time we will not interfere with your wants as by lunch time it is of little import.

We your munificent rulers can not allow you to decide to get up early so as to have a little more time at days end, dont be so inanely stupid, one size fits all better for the masses, OK.

So when all you sheeple who can't make such momentous decisions for yourselves move your clocks forward an hour before you go to bed tonight and if necessary you may retire one hour earlier if you must as it would be far too difficult to control that,



Raymond A Francis said...

Care to make a small wager on that last statment
Hint: South Canterbury has a public holiday on Monday so I doubt if it will apply even then down here

gravedodger said...

I only wager my hard earned money on certainties and that could be one for you not me.
When the nonsense commenced 35 years ago I ran interference for some weeks but was thwarted by the Cream Truck, the school bus and too many others secure in the majority but I wont stop my pointless protest for some time yet. must head over to Ele's blog I am sure she will have a quiet word again.

Tinman said...

I can't see your point.

Time (in this context) is completely arbitrary, simply a means of ensuring society can work together.

If you want to work by your own clock, do so. Just don't expect others to do the same.

For mine, except when I am booked to do a job I start when I feel like (usually at least three cups of coffee after I awake) and finish when I feel like.

One question remains unanswered however; What do they do with all the saved daylight?

Psycho Milt said...

Why so grumpy? Retired people can get up when they like, so it's no big deal to them either way. But those of us with week days governed by the clock (ie, anyone on wages and salaries, anyone with a business involving appointments with customers, anyone with school-age children etc) like having the hours of daylight match that clock.

kevin said...

Is the new start time for 'daylight saving' in NZ, timed to link in with the northern hemisphere daylight saving change back?

pdm said...

Kevin - I think they are a week apart.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

October 2nd is kick off day here.

At present first light is around 0430.

Anonymous said...

I have the answer, once the clocks go forward, keep it there all year round, I would love 6pm sunsets in June.
Bugger the cockies, they are a minority anyway.

Anonymous said...

That was bollocks that was.

Anonymous said...

That was bollocks that was.