Friday, September 23, 2011

And They Think They Should govern!!

The Green party bang on about the price of milk.

All they are achieving is to cement in their total lack of knowledge in matters of business and Trade.

Andrew Ferrier in an interview on this his last day at Dairy colossus Fonterra as CEO in answer to a question on the milk price inquiry replied;
The New Zealand Dairy product market is our least profitable sector.
We have bundled up all the information we have on our activities in the NZ domestic market and have kept nothing back so let the inquiries reveal the truth.

A commerce student in their first semester would understand the fact that with the international price where it is there is bugger all profit in house brand milk at current prices.


Anonymous said...

What does petrol cost in oil producing middle eastern countries?

gravedodger said...

Anonymouse 05 07 PFFHHT.

ps you could apply to the registrar of births deaths and marriages for a name, most do.